Will I receive the original translation within the quoted price?

No. Within the quoted price, you will receive the pdf of your translation via email. If you require the original translation, I can mail it to you at an additional cost.

Do you need to see the original document?

Not necessarily. A clear scan or photo of your document will be sufficient.

What will my NAATI-certified translation look like?

Your translation will have:

  • my NAATI stamp
  • my language pair and type of accreditation
  • my name and signature
  • a statement attesting to the truth and accuracy of the translation of your document

Do you also provide NAATI-certified translations from French to English?

No. I can only provide NAATI-certified translations fromĀ English to French. For translations not requiring the NAATI accreditation, I can translate in both directions.



If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.